Friday, October 9, 2009

Bud, Not Buddy

The book "Bud, Not Buddy" is about a little African American boy. His mother died when he was six years old, and his father left before he was born. After his mother died, he want to the foster home. He was adopted 4 times and sent back 3 times.The last family he went to was an All-American family. Well, after he got packed up to go ot his new family, he found a flyer of a group band and< the guy playing the cello, he thought was his father. So, after Bud escaped his adoptive parents and son's house, he ran away to Illinois, where he had to jump a train. When he was there, he went to a library and remembered a librarian who helped him a lot. Bud went there and asked the new librarian what happend to the old one. The new librarian said that she wasn't there anymore and had moved to Chicago, was married, and had a kid. Bud was shocked when he heard the news. After a while, he was going on the streets trying to get to Calafornia to see his dad. A car passed Bud and he got a lift from Mr.Lewis. Mr.Lewis was donating blood, and when he got Bud, he thought he was a vampire. So bud quickly locked the door and and grabbed his pocketknife from his suitcase that he had brought. Mr.Lewis told Bud to open the door, but he wouldn't because he thought Mr.Lewis would take his blood. So after a while, Mr.Lewis said he wasn't a vampire and he would explain everything if Bud just opened the door. But, Bud decided not to open it until Mr.Lewis bribed him with food. Bud was hungry so he agreed. After that Bud and Mr.Lewis went to Calafornia and outside Bud's dad's band house. You've got to read the book to find out what happens next!

-Nancy D.

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