Monday, August 31, 2009

The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner
By Deborah Ellis

Parvana lives in modern Afghanistan, and her life has been shattered over and over again. First there were the bombings which forced her family to move and give up many of their belongings. Then, for no reason, the new government arrests her father, making the family virtually helpless. Because of the rules of the Taliban government, women can not work, and rarely leave the home. Parvana is young enough that she can pass for a boy, so her mother and sister help her to create a disguise so she can earn money to support them during their father’s imprisonment. As a boy, Parvana sees things she has never seen before, and even helps save the life of a stranger. This is a wonderful book which leaves the reader wanting to know more (and yes, there is a sequel!)

-Ms. McConnel

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