Monday, August 31, 2009


By Edward Bloor

Paul Fisher is legally blind, but that doesn’t stop him from playing soccer. With the help of extra strong glasses, Paul can see just fine, as long as you don’t sneak up behind him. A malicious “accident” caused Paul’s blindness, and readers are kept wondering what really happened until the end of the book. Paul’s brother, Eric, is a football star, and Paul’s parents don’t come to any soccer games because they are always cheering Eric on. In their new home of Tangerine, Florida, both boys start to grow and to create lives for themselves, but tragedy just keeps striking, like the lightning that kills a boy at football practice. This is a wonderful book for anyone who has ever felt just a little bit different.

-Ms. McConnel

Paul is a boy who moves from Houston, Texas to Tangerine, Florida. He is legally blind but can see with glasses. He lives in an expensive neighborhood and goes to an expensive school. Then, one rainy day, a big sink hole opened up and gobbled up the seventh grade trailers. He has to go to a much older, worn-down school. Paul wasn't always blind. He does not remember who or what made him blind. Does he find out?This is a story filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. If you hang on for the ride, you will be amazed at how it all turns out.

-L. Hall

"Tangerine" is a book about a kid named Paul Fisher. He has a brother who his dad watches play football all the time. Paul is blind, but he play soccer (goalie). At the beginning he is moving from Houston, Texas, to Tangerine, Florida. When he gets there many weird things happen. A kid on his brother's football team is struck down by lightning, and another boy, the inventor of the Golden Dawn Tangerine, is hit by someone and dies. While Paul is in Tangerine he finds out things about how we was blinded and more.If you want to find out more of what happens in "Tangerine", you'll have to read the book! This book has amazed me and made me want to keep it. When I got to the end, I wanted it to just keep going.

-J. Clemson

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