Friday, August 28, 2009


by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Peaches is a great summer read, as it takes place during one juicy summer. Murphy, Leeda, and Birdie couldn’t be any different. Murphy is what you could call the wild child. She is always doing something a little bigger and better than everyone else. Murphy marches to the beat of her own drum and doesn’t listen to what other people think or feel. Then there’s Leeda. She’s perfect, well from the outside looking in at least. Leeda is pretty, popular, rich, but she lacks one thing. She feels she doesn’t have a family, and just wishes her mom would pay attention to her, even if it means giving up her title of queen bee around campus. And, finally Birdie. She lives on a peach orchard and would rather be with the animals and the fresh air then the people all around her. She feels like everything is turning upside down and the ice cream just isn’t helping anymore. Long story short, fate leads all three of them to a spring break and summer vacation on Darlington Peach Orchard. They all become the best of friends. The question is can their friendship stand the test of time, drama, and boys?

-J. McVerry

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