Monday, August 31, 2009


by Jeff Stone

Tiger is the first in the series. It introduces you into the world of KungFu, companionship, and secrets to be discovered. Fu, the tiger KungFu master, wakes up in the middle of the night to find that his grand master is dead and that his brother Ying wants the scrolls that can unlock secret training techniques. Ying killed the grand master to get the scrolls. Fu steals the scrolls and runs into the froest. Ying is after him! Read more to find out what happens!

-A. Ellis

Fu is a master of the tiger arts of Kung Fu. "Fu" means tiger in Cantonese. He and his four other brothers life at the Cangzhen Temple. The four are not really his brothers, but that is what they are called at the temple. The temple is under attack by their former brother Ying, which means "eagle" in Cantonese. The grand master tells them to spread, just as Ying kills him. All Ying wants are the Dragon Scrolls. Fu does not listen and goes back to get the scrolls. He fights a guy named Tonglong, which means "mantis" in Cantonese. Fu is able to knock him out and take the scrolls. Fu gets locked up after he hurts the son of the Major of a village. The Major calls Ying and takes the scrolls from Fu. A bunch of soldiers come and are taking Fu back to Ying when one of Fu's brothers, Malao ("Monkey") comes out. He has a bunch of monkeys with him to help get Fu out of the cage. They do. Read the book to find out more!This is a great book for kids who like series books. It has action and mystery, so read it and enjoy!

-D. Smith

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