Thursday, August 27, 2009


by Gary Paulsen

This book is about a boy named Brian and he is going to the Canadian oilfields to visit his father. When the pilot dies of a heart attack, Brian has to land the plane in the middle of nowhere. He has to use his survival skills, the little ones he has to survive in the wilderness. He has to dodge animal attacks, hunger, and even a tornado! Overall, this book is a good book because it is a little boring at first, but then it gets good.

-C. McGee

This story is about a boy named Brian who is going to see his dad. While he is going to the airport Brian's mom gives him a hatchet which he puts in his belt for later use. Brian's parents are divorced because of the SECRET that you'll have to find out during the book. While Brian is going to see his dad, the pilot has a heart attack and dies. After Brian lands the plane, he builds a shelter and hunts animals for food. With his hatchet, he builds weapons, fires, and more.To me this book is awesome, it shows how a boy could live in the wild with animals, tornadoes, etc. This book made me want to yell for it ending!

-J. Clemson

"Hatchet" is a book about a boy going to the Canadian oil fields to see his father over summer break. His parents had just divorced and Bryan knows his mother's secret. Before getting on the plane his mother gives him a hatchet. As he is on the way to see his father, the pilot has a heart attack and dies. Shortly after the pilot dies the plane runs out of gas and crashes. But Bryan survives the crash. Bryan is now stuck in the wilderness with nothing but a hatchet. He learns how to do things on his own. He learns how to build a fire, hunt, catch fish, and more. Right as everything was good, a tragedy happens. But later it turns out to be great.I like this book because it shows you that if you try you can do anything. And no matter what, you have to work hard. It shows you that anything is possible just believe in yourself and keep trying.

-L. Conyers

"Hatchet" is about a kid named Brian, and his parents got divorced. He was leaving his mom for the summer to spend time with his dad. On the way the pilot has a heart attack and the plane crashes into a lake. There, he must find a way to survive until someone finds him. Find out all the nasty, amazing, and scary things that happen to Brian in "Hatchet".

-R. Gorrin

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