Thursday, August 27, 2009


by Jerry Spinnelli

It was the first day of school at Mica High School and the halls are buzzing about the new girl who calls herself Star girl Caraway. To say she is different is an understatement. Her clothes are different as are her mannerisms, and she has a pet rat she carries around in a bag that has a picture of a Sunflower on it. Leo Borlock learns about Stargirl from his best friend Kevin Quinlan. During lunch, while Leo and Kevin are sitting together, Star girl pulls out a Ukulele and begins to strum on it and dance around the lunchroom. Day after day, she does this focusing on one particular person to whom she sings Happy Birthday. It is unclear how she knows that someone has a birthday. Hillary Kimble says she thinks Stargirl is a "plant," someone put in the school by the administration to get students interested in school, to create school spirit. Through this whole book, she is someone you would most likely never meet at school and that is what makes this book so interesting. There is no one like Stargirl.

-M. Jefferson

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