Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tupac Shakur (the legacy)

Tupac Shakur (the legacy)
By: Jamal Joseph

This book is about Tupac growing up as a child into being an upcoming rapper. He had a sad childhood because his mother was in and out of jail. She was in this group called the Black Panthers. He did not really have a father figure until his mother met his stepfather. He said in the book that his stepfather was a big father figure to him. Then it ended. His stepfather was also in the group his mother was in. And as I said, some of stuff they did was kind of wrong so they had some charges against his stepfather and he had to go to prison. Tupac never thought he would become a rapper it just happened. He loved poetry and he was a great poet. Therefore, he took all his pain and heartache and put it into poetry. Then the poetry turned into songs. So that is when his career started. His lyrics were deep and what I mean by that is they meant a lot they made you think. He was an awesome rapper. Everyone loved him. He had it made until… one night he had just left a boxing match in Las Vegas . And he was at the stop light and car pulled right beside him and started to fire the gun. This occurred on September 8, 1996. Then 5 days later on September, 13th, 1996 Tupac was pronounced as dead. Everyone was terribly sad. He still is missed to this day. But will always be known as the best rapper ever.

-A. Caldwell

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