Thursday, August 27, 2009


by Alice Hoffman

I love this book. It's about two best friends named Claire and Hailey who find a mermaid in a swimming pool. The mermaid is named Aquamarine. There was a storm that day and that's how she ended up in the pool. There are two problems in the story, one of them being Hailey having to move all the way to Australia for her mom's job as a marine biologist, and the other problem is that Aquamarine is in search of true love. Luckily, Aquamarine will give the girls one wish if they succeed in helping her find true love. Aqua falls for the hot lifeguard, Raymond. So it's Claire and Hailey's duty to make him fall in love with her, although that doesn't work out too well. But in the end it all works out and shows just how strong the power of friendship really is. If you have a best friend, then you're probably going to love this book just as much as I did.

-N. Ortega

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