Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Giver

The Giver
by Lois Lowry

The book "The Giver" was an amazing book about a boy named Jonas, and how he lived in a perfect community, and how when he turned 12 he would receive his final assignment .The assignment he receives is actually the receiver he is meant to receive memories. Also Jonas assignment teacher is called The Giver.Jonas starts to receive memories that are painful and sad and since he’s not used to these feelings he starts to react to different things very funny. By the end of the story Jonas finds out a lot of things he decided later in life he didn’t want to know he also experiences some things that takes him to a whole different world.-M. Jefferson"The Giver" is all about a boy named Jonas and his fighting chance to get out of the world he lives in. Jonas lives in a "perfect" society, an extreme modern day spin on Communism. Everything in his life is equal to everyone else, and the rules are strictly enforced. Once he is assigned the job of Receiver, he realizes there is more to his life. There is a world out there with feeling, emotion, and color: if he could only find a way to reach it. His job as receiver is to receive memories from the Giver, some with pain and some that are fun and happy. Whether he wants it or not, the secrets of his society come out and he is forced to face them. Once he becomes sick of the way he lives, he plans an escape. It's dangerous and daring, but he knows something has to be done. Will he make it out with a future? This book is great, and allows you to use your imagination. The story is beyond belief and makes you appreciate the way we live, with individuality.

-J. McVerry

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