Thursday, August 27, 2009


by Stephanie Meyer

"Eclipse" is about how Edward and Bella are doing. Bella is a magnet to danger, but this type of danger is a whole lot worse. There has been a rampage of mysterious killings in Seattle and the Cullen’s think it is a whole flood of newborn vampires. So now, instead of just Bella being in danger, the Cullen’s and Jacob are also in danger. They have to prepare to fight and kill all the newborn vampires. But, the master mind behind all of this is Victoria. But, in the end, the good guys win. Oh, and Edward proposes to Bella.

-C. McGee

The new Twilight craze has really been heating up. As you know, there are four books in the series. "Eclipse", book three, is great all around.With the return of Edward Cullen, things have gotten closer to normal, but Bella is still hurting. She's scared he will up and leave again. However, that's not the only problem she faces. Edward and the family are in danger, from people of their own kind. Along with the danger and risk of Edward and Bella being together, Jacob is bitter. He loves Bella with all of his heart, and it pains him to see her with Edward. Bella understands because they had become so close when Edward left. Will she be faced with a hard decision? Pick up a copy of "Eclipse" to find out!Stephanie Meyer shows just how talented she is in this book. The writing style is unlike any other. It will be sure to have you trapped in. You'll never put it down. The mix of action, risk, romance, and lust makes for the perfect novel for people of all ages.

-J. McVerry

Bella had always gotten into danger but not as much like now. She has endangered the Cullen’s family and Jacob. Now they are in war. Who may you ask they are up against? The funny thing is that Jacob and the Cullen’s are not fighting each other but they are working together. Even though the werewolves and the vampires are enemies they have to work together to keep Bella safe. The Cullen’s and Jacob’s pack of werewolves have to make a truce. They are up against Victoria, a vampire who despises Bella. Why does she despise Bella? The reason why is because her mate, James got killed by the Cullen’s and she never got over it. So the war has begun. Who will win? Who will die?

-A. Pepper

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