Thursday, August 27, 2009

May Bird and the Ever After

May Bird and the Ever After
By:Jodi Lynn Anderson

Ghosts, darkness, dead people, scary creatures! If you enjoy those things in stories, then May Bird is a great story for you to read. This story is about a girl named May Ellen, who lives near the woods.May is consider the ''weird'' girl at school so her only friend is a hairless cat named Somber Kitty. Her cat acts like a guardian to her. May enjoys the woods. It makes her feel free.One day though May finds a letter and a map in the woods. The letter is calling for her help to go to the lake. May looks for the lake and one day falls in. After May falls into the lake, the journey and adventure begins.Join May and her cat in this story, and see if May is able to get out before she becomes a ghost! If you can not handle scary books, then this may not be good for you.

-A. Houston

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