Thursday, August 27, 2009


By Stephanie Meyer

This book is about a young girl named Isabella who moves to a place in Washington called Forks. Bella gets attached easily to he new school she goes to : she has plenty of friends to talk to but she's a very shy girl. Of course, she sees a nice young man named Edward Cullen the first day of school. Edward seems repulsed by her in a strange way: he tries not to be around her, and she overhears him asking the office to change his class. All of a sudden, he's gone for a few days and when he comes back, things are better.
One day Bella was in the parking lot at school next to her truck, then all of a sudden a van was heading her way in fast motion and she sees Edward far away from her. As the van gets closer, Edward mysteriously saves her with his bared hands. Bella is full of questions and constantly pesters Edward. Bella is still constantly trying to figure it out, until Edward tells her: he can't control how he reacts to the scent of her blood. Later on Bella and Edward fall so deeply in love, but Bella is in some trouble with other vampires who eat human blood instead of eating animal blood like Edward's family. These other vampires try hard to find her because her blood smells the richest to them, too. Bella wants Edward to turn her into a vampire, but Edward isn't sure.
Will the other vampires find her? Is Edward going to turn Bella into one of his own and let her be part of the family? What's going to happen? Read the book to find out what happens to Bella and Edward when the bad vampires find her.

-E. Fernandez

Bella is a magnet for danger, but never in her life has she been in as much danger as she is in Forks, Washington, a small, rainy town where her father is on the police force. In Forks, Bella meets Edward Cullen. Edward is different: his eyes are intense, he moves with speed quicker than the blink of an eye, and he saves Bella’s life on multiple occasions. There is one other remarkable thing about Edward: he’s over a hundred years old, and a vampire: and he thinks Bella smells tastier than anything else. This book is the first in the series and introduces readers to a world of romance, mystery and danger.

-Ms. McConnel

I read the Twilight series since my daughter was reading the books and I enjoyed them. The creative way the author treated the subject matter was fun to read, and it presented a fresh take on an old subject.

-Mrs. Grogan

Twilight is a book about a girl named Isabella Marie Swan, they call her Bella for short. She moves from Phoenix,Arizonan to Forks,Washington to live with her father. She meets new friends and on her first day of school their names were: Mike,Jessica,Ben,Angela,Lauren,and some more teenagers. She also meets the Cullen's: Edward,Rosalie,Jasper,Emmett, and Alice. They weird thing is they were all vampires! Edward was a cute,old-fashion vampire that falls in-love with Bella... and Bella falls in-love with Edward.
Along the way she meets Jacob Black, a Native American boy, with long brunette hair, he has beautiful eyes. Also, along the way of a little fairy tail... let me rephrase that, NIGHTMARE, a vampire was after Bella and not for her beauty... for her blood! The smell of her blood triggered to him and he started chasing after her sent. Near the end she tells her father that she wants to go home, and not to be cooped up in this house anymore. So she left with Edward... where she would be safe. But when Edward leaves her with Alice and Jasper... They leave to somewhere far away from the vampire, James. But there were three other vampires helping him but one that was with James gave the Cullen's a heads up about James saying that he will never stop until he gets Bella... and he didn't...

-A. Pepper

Bella, who can help her bad luck streak? Clumsy, quiet, smart, ECT. She is 17 years old and she just moved in with her father in Forks, Washington, and the rainiest city in the U.S. She meets Jessica and Mike and a lot of other people at school. When she saw Edward, she didn’t mind him. But then in Biology class, He was being rude and couldn’t stop staring! He left in a hurry and didn’t come back for almost a week. She thought it had to do with her being there. But then, Edward starts talking to her and he finds out from Jacob, an old friend, that he is a vampire . She asks him and he tells her everything she needs to know about vampires. He told her it’s very dangerous to be together but she didn’t care. They were in love. At the end, she asks him if she can be a vampire with him and he, of course, said no.

-C. McGee

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