Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Pearl

The Pearl
by John Steinbeck

The pearl is about a poor family that lives in a small poor town called “Las Paz”. Kino always hears songs in his head that either expresses his feelings or they tell him that something’s about to happen. He has a son named coyotito and his wife’s name is Juana. One morning as Juana was making their small amount of food for breakfast, Kino heard the song of evil and instantly coyotito was bit. As Kino’s small village gathered around to see what the commotion is about, Juana suggest that they go to the doctor. Now the doctor is a very greedy and selfish man, he’s racist and only helps the rich with problems. He tells Juana and Kino that he won’t treat coyotito unless they come up with the money to pay him for it. So desperate to find money Kino, Juana and coyotito sail out on Kino’s canoe and try to find clam pearls. When Kino dives into the water he sees something glisten in a clam and instantly the clam shuts. So he takes the clam and brings it back to the canoe. When he opens it he finds “the pearl of the world” as some pay call it. At first the pearl seems like a blessing, that it will help all of Kino’s problems. Juana warns Kino that such a great pearl will cause many problems for them. Kino doesn’t listen. Many problems come their way such as greed, rubbings’ and even killing. It’s to the point that it’s so crazy, that the family has to run away.This book was great. It kept me interested the whole journey. It hits all of your emotions. On a scale of one to 10 I give the book a 10.

-M. Colon

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