Thursday, August 27, 2009


by Gordon Korman

Did you ever think what money would make a person do? Griffin Bing will do anything to stop a con-artist. One day when Griffin and his best friend Ben decide to have a sleep- over at the soon to be demolished Rockford house. When Ben and Griffin finally realize that everybody else was too afraid to come that’s when they start to look around the house. As they look around, Griffin looks inside of a draw and finds a rare Babe Ruth baseball card. So old that they know they would get fortunes for it. s the next day Griffin and Ben decide to go to the pawn shop and sell it to the owner, S. Wendell. Not knowing of his collectibles to baseball cards, S. Wendell cons Griffin into selling the baseball card. Later finding out of this great fortune he just lost, he holds a meeting at his school with a unique set of talents. He tells the kids what happened to the card and tells them his plans on stealing it back. Hesitant at first, the kids then agree after hearing that they get a cut of the money. In the plans, Griffin is the tools and brains (leader) of the group. Ben is just his partner in crime. “Pitch” is the rock- climber and takes care of the scaling of the house. Logan, the dedicated actor, takes care of keeping the nosey neighbor out the way so he doesn’t know what happens. Savannah, who loves animals a lot, whispers the mean Doberman so he doesn’t attack them. Melissa, who is a computer “whiz”, takes down the alarm systems. The master plan is set and the kids are ready to get the card back.I enjoyed this book because of the action and the great plan the kids made up themselves. I also likes this book because the kids stand up for kid rights.

-M. Colon

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