Thursday, August 27, 2009

Small Steps

Small Steps
by Louis Sachar

This is the companion book to "Holes". This book is about Armpit trying to stay out of trouble after being released from Camp Green Lake. Because he wants to make some money, he teams up with X-Ray, a friend from camp, to buy some tickets and scalp them. At the concert, Armpit finds out that the tickets weren't real, and they are about to get in major trouble. Also in this book, Armpit creates a really good relationship with a little girl who lives in his neighborhood. This relationship helps him stay out of trouble, because he wants to be a good role model.I think this is a really good book because of the relationship between Armpit and the little girl. I myself think this book is even better than "Holes", but less people know about "Small Steps".

-L. Conyers

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