Thursday, August 27, 2009


by Anthony Horowitz

This book is about a kid named Alex Rider who unfortunately lost his parents. His uncle, Ian Rider, watches him until an accident occurs. Alex is attracted to where his uncle used to work. When he arrives at the building (a so-called bank) he thinks it looks a little weird for a bank. He figures out that it isn't really a bank, and he thinks the people there are a little crazy.When I started this, I was like "is this about a regular kid with a semi-real life?" Later in the book, I realized it's not. It is filled with a lot of action, mysteries, and more. If you want to see what it's about, read it! This book was so exciting, I carried it everywhere I went until I finished it.

-J. Clemson

Alex Rider thinks his uncle is a bank manager and that their lives are quiet and simple. After his uncle is killed in rather mysterious circumstances, Alex realizes that nothing is what he thought. His uncle was a spy for an elite British agency, M16, and now they want Alex to finish the mission his uncle died on. Forced into spying, Alex is trying to uncover the secret of a computer donation which, from all appearances, will change the educational system for the better. But there is something sinister at work here, from the businessman who runs a plant like it is a secret military zone to the murder of Alex's uncle, nothing is safe. Alex must work quickly, or all the children in Britain may face disaster.This is an exciting read with lots of action and plot twists, and Alex is clearly meant be to be a teenage counterpart to 007 and other famous spies.

-Ms. McConnel

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