Thursday, August 27, 2009


By Lois Lowry

Gossamer can be described in one word. Heartwarming.I loved it.This was one of those books when you start it, and you can not put it down. This book is about a young boy named John who has gone through so much.When you read what he has had to put up with and do, you may actually cry(like me!). John stays with a lonely old woman and her dog after all that has happened. The old lady does not have all the latest electronics and gadgets, so as much as John didn't want to stay before that made him not want to stay even more. Each night John, the dog, and the old woman are visited by two creatures. The oldest is named Eldest and the youngest is named Littlest One. They give them all their dreams at night,by using objects that are close to them by heart or physically.The problem is though sinisteeds are soon coming. These are creatures that make bad nightmares in their dreamers. Littlest has just been learning how to distribute dreams though, and it may be up to him to strengthen John before they come.After all that John has been through it would take a miracle to get him to be healed from his past.Most of him has healed though, so if Littlest powers are not stronger then the sinisteeds, then John will always be a angry eight year old boy. I think Louis Lowry was very creative and smart.This book has persuaded me to read more of her stories. -A. HoustonLittlest is a strange creature: a dream giver. Not quite human, but not quite animal, Littlest exists in a strange place between reality and imagination. Her duty is to bestow pleasant dreams to sleeping humans (and on occasion, their pets), and with the help of her teachers, Fastidious and Thin Elderly, she begins to develop a perfect gossamer touch. But just as Littlest learns to bestow happy dreams, so do Sinisteeds inflict nightmares. Can Littlest strengthen the humans she gives dreams to enough to resist the pain of nightmares? One of her assignments is particularly fragile: a boy, John, whose father used to abuse him, and whose mother has been forced to give him up to foster care. John has a lot to be angry about, and very little to be happy about, making him a perfect victim for the Sinisteeds.

-Ms. McConnel

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