Thursday, August 27, 2009

Romiette and Julio

Romiette and Julio
By Sharon M. Draper

This book is about teenage love. Romiette is a very nice smart teenager. She lives with her father and mother. Her father is an anchorman and her mother owns her own shop of African art and clothing. Her best friend is Destiny. Destiny believes in the stars and always tries to find her and Romiettes soul mates. Every night Romiette has a dream that she’s drowning and that a man either saves her or drowns her. She has a terrible fright of water. The closest she gets to it is taking a shower or a bath. Julio is sweet, nice and always dreams of moving back to Texas where he moved from. In Texas he had to move because of the gang violence. He doesn’t like the new state he moved to. His dad tried to move away from the gangs and now there’s a gang at Julio’s school that dislike him because he’s from Texas. Julio doesn’t understand it; it made him very angry because he doesn’t even like gangs. So the first day of school all of his frustration was let out on this boy Ben, he punched him in the nose. After they talked it out, Julio and Ben became good friends. They started talking on the phone and even the computer Julio liked using the computer and so he started to have room chats. There he met Romiette. After a while of them talking they begin to like each other and that’s where all the problems began. But the biggest problem is the gangs don’t like seeing them together, so now they have to fight for their love.I like this book because it’s about love and shows the troubles people go through. It also shows friendship, which I think is very important in life.-M. ColonWhen Julio and his family leave Texas to move to Ohio, he thinks the worst has happened in his life. He hates the cold weather, and he misses his friends and family down in Texas. But everything changes when he meets Romiette in a chat room and finds out she goes to his high school. The two begin spending more time together, despite objections from the local gang, the DevilDogs, who don’t like Julio because of his Latino heritage. When Romiette and Julio decide to entrap the gang members and get them punished, their plan goes horribly wrong. Will the two make it through the ordeal alive, or are they doomed to repeat the deaths of Shakespeare’s characters Romeo and Juliette? This book will have you on the edge of your seat.-Ms. McConnelI thought this book was really good. It kept me interested. Some books get boring after a while, but this one didn't! In the middle of the book it gets REALLY interesting!!! I could not stop reading because I wanted to see what happened next. You want to read books that will make you keep reading. This book also has a very good endiing. I think you should read this book because it's very good. BUt be careful, because it can be addicting!

-B. Clark

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