Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Moon

New Moon
by Stephanie Meyer

Edward's family throws a birthday party for Bella, she slices her finger on an envelope and Jasper attacks her because he cannot control his blood urges. Edward decides to leave Bella forever because he thinks its best for her so she can have a normal life. Bella lives her life in a depressed trance and spends a lot of time with Jake at La Push where she learns that he and his whole family are werewolves. Bella and the Cullen’s go to Italy to rescue Edward where he is attempting to make the "Volturi" mad which are a powerful family because he thinks Bella is dead and is trying to get the Voluturi to kill him. They rescue Edward and Bella and Edward are reunited. It was so close because Edward was like 2 seconds of almost being killed. Bella was so happy because she and Edward were meant to be and they deserve each other.

-A. Caldwell

As you know Bella Swan is addicted to Edward Cullen, a vampire she fell in-love with. Well Edward decides that it would be better if he left Bella alone and leave and never come back. She gets all depressed and well her father,Charlie is sick and tired of her being so sad all the time so he threatens her to go to Jacksonville to live with her mother. Then she says she would straighten up and all of a sudden she starts hanging out with Jacob Black, a Native American boy with long beautiful hair and gorges eyes. They kind of fall-in-love. Well along the way Alice, Edward's -sister- if u could say visited Bella and said that Edward thought that she was dead because she jumped off a cliff to go cliff-diving... Alone. So he thought she was trying to kill herself because he left her, well he was going to show that he was a vampire to the whole world... So she goes after him to show him she is alive. Will she get there in time? Will she save Edward from showing himself and getting killed? Read the book to find out!

-A. Pepper

In the beginning of New Moon, Bella turns eighteen! Another year of not becoming what she wants to become, a vampire. Edward and his family throw Bella a birthday party, but a simple paper cut can throw off EVERYTHING! Bella was opening her presents from the Cullen family and she cuts herself opening one. No big deal right? Wrong. Edward reads Jaspers thoughts and pushed Bella across the table, and she cut her self up more because there was shattered glass. Alice pulled Jasper out of the house. Edward felt so bad, on the way home, no one said a word. However, the next day, Edward announced that he was leaving and Bella could not believe it. So she goes into a “depression” stage until Charlie, her dad, tells her to go and hang out with Jacob. And she falls in love with him, or so she thinks. They hang out every day and one day Jacob offers to go cliff diving. When Jacob leaves to get something, Bella goes and tries to cliff dive herself. But, she does not know that Alice saw her do that before she even done it. When she is in the water, she hears Edwards voice, not for the first time. When Bella gets home, Alice is waiting for her, but with bad news. Edward was so upset that he thought Bella was going to kill herself that he is going to expose himself to humans! So Bella, Alice, and Jasper are on their way to Italy to save the day!

-C. McGee

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